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Community Alliance of Southeastern Michigan


Community Residence and Community Living Network provide services for individuals with disabilities. Community Residence has more than 25 supported living sites throughout Washtenaw County. At our supported living sites, individuals with disabilities live independently in their own homes and apartments with the proper support staff.

Community Living Network is a fiscal intermediary provider. Fiscal Intermediary Services allow our customers to employ their staff directly. Customers determine what staffing is best for their specific needs. Community Living Network manages all the administrative details: payroll, taxes, and W2s. Our services allow individuals to focus on their daily lives rather than having to manage payroll.


  • In 2009 Community Residence Corporation (CRC) and Community Living Network (CLN) undertook a re-branding process that resulted in the agencies acquiring Certificates of Assumed Name (also known as a "doing business as" or DBA) for the name Community Alliance.
  • Legally, our structure has stayed the same — Community Residence Corporation is the "parent agency," and Community Living Network is the subsidiary.
  • To help the community better understand what we do, we are referring to the individual agencies (CRC, CLN) as "initiatives" of the larger Community Alliance.
  • Each agency (or "initiative") has their own, bylaws, 501(c)3 status, and tax ID number.
  • Each agency continues to operate as they did before the re-branding.
  • The only legal change that occurred was the acquisition of the DBA or assumed name.