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Fiscal Intermediary Services (FIS)

carf clnCommunity Living Network (CLN) was created to offer fiscal intermediary services to adults under the Choice Voucher and to children through the Children's Waiver Program. CLN is contracted with local community mental health agencies to provide fiscal intermediary services.

Why A Fiscal Intermediary?

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Have you ever felt ignored or powerless with your current arrangement for personal care, job coaching, and other supports? It is your turn to make the choice. You can be in charge.

Becoming an employer is about choice and control. It is about becoming the decision-maker. It is about freedom:

  • The freedom to choose who you spend your time with.
  • The freedom of who you allow into your home.
  • The freedom to decide what activities you and your staff will participate in.
  • The freedom to control your resources.

Fiscal Intermediary Services

  • Allow individuals to hire and fire their own employees.
  • The consumer decides who provides support services.
  • Adult customers make hiring decisions through the Choice Voucher system.
  • Parents or guardians of children participate through the Children's Waiver Program.
  • CLN provides payroll services assuring that all taxes are paid.
  • Customers receive a monthly statement of their financial activity.
  • The customers' employees will receive accurate pay and W2s.

  • FIS Frequently Asked Questions

    Do we need a fiscal intermediary?

    Yes, it is a requirement of the Mchigan Department of Community Health that customers wishing to hire their support staff directly utilize the services of a fiscal intermediary.

    Can I contact my fiscal intermediary directly?

    Yes, your fiscal intermediary works for you and with you, so communication is not only allowed but necessary.

    Is my personal information kept private?

    Yes, all fiscal intermediary offices must be HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliant.

    Can I give raises?

    Yes, as long as they are within your budget. It is often advised to start your employees at a lower rate, thus leaving room for a wage increase.

    Who get worker's compensation insurance?

    As your fiscal intermediary, CLN will help you obtain any required worker's compensation insurance for your employees.

    How do my employees get paid?

    Employer approves time sheets. Mail or fax forms to CLN. Pay periods are the 1st through the 15th and the 16th through the last day of the month. Time sheets must be received three business days after the end of the pay period. Paychecks are mailed or deposited directly into their bank accounts.

    Do you keep my employee's personnel files at your office?

    Yes, we store important forms such as IRS and MI W-4, verification of employment eligibility (I-9) and other documents.

Want to learn more?

Click on the image below to download our PDF brochure on CLN's fiscal intermediary services

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