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Community Alliance News

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Community Alliance Hires Director of Operations (July 2011)

 Ann Arbor News - People & Achievements

Communty Alliance Hosts Debbie Dingell Panel (October 2017)


Rep Debbie Dingell Panel Pictures

Community Alliance Legislative Testimony in support of HB 4674 (October 2017)

Katherine Grant, ED Community Alliance Legislative Testimony

Written Statement to Michigan Legislature, Chairperson Rep. Vaupel, Health Policy Committee

 HB 4674 2017

Coalition makes strides with increased funding (January 2019)

https://www.miunited.org/post/caring-majority-coalition-celebrates-state-budget-increase-for-mi-choice-waiver?fbclid=IwAR0-  kmnOkqN4iia-Rft-jGFOXD-kwt3YUuLj5mvGr8YMM2hkpeb6_MGknnA

 Community Alliance hosts Disability Town Hall June 15, 2019

Press Release Disability Town Hall June 15, 2019

Disability Town Hall Flyer 2019

Disability Town Hall, June 15, 2019 Pictures

Community Alliance member of Michigan Caring Majority Coalition (September 2019)

The Michigan Caring Majority 2019

Community Alliance Receives Free Masons BEST Grant (December 2019)

Press Release Free Masons Award

Photo Free Masons Award December 2019

Community Alliance Amber Massingo recieves award for outstanding service during COVID (October 2020)

Direct Support Professional Award Winners (Amber Massingo)

Resources in our community to foster independence, inclusion and equity: 

Project Onward https://www.projectonward.org/

Shared Lives Studio https://lottserves.org/how-we-serve/shared-lives-studio/

Special Needs Blog https://www.friendshipcircle.org/blog/2014/01/21/17-amazing-art-studios-for-adults-with-special-needs/

Ann Arbor Observer - Food, Housing, and Assistance