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Supported Living Program for Individuals with Disabilities

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Community Residence Corporation (CRC) provides persons with disabilities living options, life choices, and control of their future. Guided by the commitment to focus on individual choice, CRC provides services based on the Person Centered Philosophy. Our employees are specifically trained to provide services to people with develomental disabilities to assure customer satisfaction. Our vision is to lead change in the community that celebrates and supports the lives of people with developmental disabilities.

Supported Living Program

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Supportive living brings services to clients in their own homes and apartments throughout our community. Here are the key elements to our Support Living program:

  • Personal choice emphasized in every aspect of daily life.
  • Focus on developing self-sufficiency and full participation in the community.
  • Services can be adjusted to accommodate changing needs.
  • 24-hour on-call emergency support.
  • Basic fire and household safety.
  • Medication management and personal care support.
  • Accessing community resources.
  • Personal selection of staff.

Community Mental Health Partnerships

Our partnerships with Community Mental Health (CMH) agecies are critical to our success.  We have an agreed upon standard of care for Community Living Support services that we provide under our contract with CMH. All services are provided by referral from CMH.

2020 Consumer Hand Book Supported Living Program

Standards of Care for Community Living Support Services

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  • About Community Residence Corporation

    At Community Residence our passion and commitment is to provide the proper supports so individuals with disabilities can live full, wonderful lives right here in our community. Community Residence Corp is here providing the necessary supports to individuals with disabilities so they can truly be full members of our community and enjoy the benefits it has to offer.