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Meet Our Staff

Katherine Grant, MSW

Executive Director

Kathy graduated from Wayne State University in 2005 with a Masters in Social Work. She's been with Community Alliance since July 2011, as the Executive Director since 2013. Her children gave her a plaque the day she graduated from WSU with an inscription that reads: I'm out to change the world and I'll start with you if I have to. That's how Kathy approaches her work on behalf of the developmentally disabled population, she is out to change the community they live in to be more inclusive. She sets her vision and standards high and inspires people to be their best.

Jason Medeiros, MSA

Director of Finance and Administration

Jason graduated from EMU in 2011 with a Masters in Accounting.  He's been with Community Alliance since September 2008.  Jason is the stereo-typical finance guy; he likes numbers and spreadsheets.  Every once in a while we can coax him out of his office with a chocolate cake.  His approach to our organization is to work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the infrastructure and finance is stable and sound allowing for this organization to soar!  Not surprisingly, he has an affinity for superheros...he keeps his cape and mask on hand at the office and uses them whenever we need him to.


Melissa Frash, BS

Director of Fiscal Intermediary Services

Melissa graduated from EMU in 1995 with a Bachelors in Science. She's been with Community Alliance since May 1995, nearly her entire adult life. She's worked in every department of the organization and is an invaluable team member. She is always playing a prank or practical joke and there is always laughter in the office instigated by her. She's a joy to work with because she understands the importance of the work we do and she's dedicated her life to it. The folks she helps everyday feel her kindness and compassion and get a dose of her humor as well.

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Administrative Staff

  • Sam Brown (2003), Team Lead Fiscal Intermediary Program
  • Carol Gobeyn (2008), Policy and Compliance Analyst
  • Tanasha Gilchrist (2009), HR Onboarding and Trainig Specialist
  • Naomi Kennedy-Moncrief (2012), Human Resources Team Lead
  • Karen Eisnebrey (2014), Receptionist
  • Lynda Morgan (2015), Team Lead Fiscal Intermediary Program
  • Karyn Cox (2015), FI Assistant
  • Heather Packo (2016), Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Carol Corrao (2016), FI Assistant
  • Stephanie Woodward (2016), FI Assistant
  • Shannon Grant (2016), FI Assistant
  • Christina Cherry (2016), Finance Assistant
  • Sam Frash (2016), SLP Assistant
  • Emma Grant (2017), Customer Service Advocate
  • Keria Zackery (2017), FI Assistant
  • Alex Nemmers (2017), FI Assistant

Field Staff

  • Takilia Bozeman (2012), Site Supervisor 
  • Tiffany Daniel-Hill (2011), Site Supervisor 
  • Kristina Ray (2012), Site Supervisor
  • Lucy Teate (2014), Site Supervisor 
  • Don Hagele (1998), Site Supervisor 
  • Darius Scott (2015), Site Supervisor 
  • Kevin Ross (2014), Site Supervisor 
  • Donette Rutley (2014), Site Supervisor 
  • Scott Koller (2016) Site Supervisor

Direct Care Staff

We have over 80 direct care staff specially trained to provide community living support services to the consumers we have the privilege to serve.

Our training protocol is approximately 8-10 full days and includes:

  • CPR/1st Aid
  • Medication Management provided through CSTS
  • Recipient Rights provided through the Office of Recipient Rights
  • Online CMH training including Limited English Proficiency , Medicaid Integrity, Bloodborne Pathogens, Cultural Diversity, Consumer Grievance and Person Centered Planning
  • 5 Day Tool Box Training
  • 1 Day Site Specific Training